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40 or so years ago, the ideas and the ambition began to take shape and color and dimension. Bill McNeely Sr. started impressing the heck out of clients in 1976, and apart from capabilities, scope and approximately 249,100 square feet later…nothing’s changed.


Acrylic Design Associates is your leading source for head-turning retail fixturing and stand-apart branding. We may be 40 years removed from our humble beginnings, but the passion, drive and excellence remain our unshakeable foundation.



Design is integral in what we do at ADA. Our award-winning creative teams is top-shelf talent. What makes them especially great is their ability to do absolutely nothing - but listen and learn. We believe in listening closely, designing intelligently and always cutting once. Our designers partner with their clients and our engineers to make specs-on, no-doubt, rock-solid certain that results are perfectly fitting and fitting perfectly. From quick-turn prototypes to long-term installations, we design with purpose and pride.

Manufacturing & fabrication

Manufacturing and fabrication are the critical moments of truth. This is where promises and reality square off, where timelines meet production lines and where effective ideas partner with efficient innovations. At ADA, our fabrication capabilities and our service-first attitude join forces to provide results that are second to none.


Nowhere is our extreme precision, diligence and execution more appreciated than by our Medical/OEM clients. Our blend of ideal facilities, state-of-the-science technologies and unsurpassed craftsmanship consistently delivers next-level results. Bring us your most demanding specs, your most critical tolerances and your most challenging projects—you will be most pleased.

Array LED

Select from a full spectrum of illuminated LED solutions from Acrylic Design’s very own LED line….ARRAY. Generating excitement and garnishing increased sales for your brand has been a proven result of ARRAY ingenuity carrying US Patents for design and unique product performance . Select from a full spectrum of custom LED frame profiles and specific LED lighting specifications required to meet your needs for dura-trans, fabric, merchandising displays, and even magnificent dimensional ARRAY BLOCK letters! We’re so confident in our workmanship and product performance, Array offers a 3 year warranty on all LED based products.

Clear Armor Solutions

Introducing Clear Armor Solutions, a system of clear, adjustable mounting, acrylic panel assemblies that provide see-through, protective particle barriers for retail, financial, hospitality and healthcare.


Great and lasting impressions are made with our printing capabilities on many levels and in many ways. At ADA, we have the unique in-house ability to brand, enhance and complete work with industry-leading printing technologies. Our software is only and always the most efficient and current.

Consolidation & Fulfilment Services

We’re no love ‘em, ship ‘em and leave ‘em kind of partner. At ADA, we create long-term relationships that lessen your worry, effort and expense. We take “Full Service” very seriously. We can manage every element and aspect of your project, from customized containers to pristine installation to secure warehousing. We can add-value with consolidating, labeling, assembly, shipping, monitoring and tracking.


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