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This has allowed us to build a highly successful niche business where we are pleased to be relied upon for creating, building and delivering great quality fixtures to the retail environment.

Over the years, Forte has challenged itself to consistently improve its offerings. I can say Forte has set itself apart by providing in-house engineering, project management, manufacturing and assembly through to shipping and installation. With over 100,000 square feet, Forte’s in – house offerings include wood, metal, acrylic, solid surface, electrical, glass and finishing expertise.

We invite you to review our capabilities and portfolio and welcome you to contact us to discuss your needs and how we can be of assistance.


To be trusted and relied upon by our Customers to deliver fixture solutions and results.

Build our business one customer at a time. Developing long term relationships based on our results-oriented capabilities.



With a team of design, engineers and management, we engineer ideas to ensure your needs are achieved.

Our creative design process utilizes the latest in design and engineering technology to define a system of manufacturing that produces consistent quality fixtures. Overseeing the entire process and ensuring all tools are in place to achieve results our management team delivers solutions when needed.


At Forte, we accept any challenge to push the envelope on a daily basis. Encompassing state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and a dedicated and passionate team of skilled craftsmen, we consistently produce high quality fixtures.


Complementing our wood craftsmen, is our in-house metal manufacturing center.
With in-house Laser, V-Grooving, forming, polishing and numerous welding stations our skilled tradesmen produce high end custom metal fixtures for rollout, or in support of our wood and acrylic centers.


Our dedicated team of plexi fabricators utilize our impressive offering of acrylic machinery to provide in- house acrylic needs for both our wood and metal divisions. All acrylic components are produced exclusively for internal client needs.

Product Control

The key element of our capability is our control over the manufacturing and delivery process. What makes Forte unique is that we truly are a one-stop solution. In addition to our ability to provide material application of wood, metal and acrylic we are proud to boast that we leave very little to chance or external influence.

Our unique in-house expertise includes glass, including glass to glass UV bonding; solid surface/corian fabrication; electrical wiring and assembly into fixtures and a spectacular finishing department, whether it is high to low gloss sheens in lacquer or polyester resin, we maintain full control over the final quality and delivery to our customer.

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