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Fusion was founded on one question: “How can we help?” From the very beginning, we've been the problem solvers who create solutions no one else could. We started as a fixture company more than 30 years ago and have since evolved into a creative design studio that can manufacture anything from mannequins to larger-than-life displays. We’ve built a team with the best creative and strategic minds in the industry to bring to life ideas that were once thought to be impossible. Our unprecedented design elements help brands tell their stories and connect with consumers in unforgettable ways.


Staying true to our core values has not only helped us become a leader in the industry but has resulted in a company we’re proud to be a part of. We believe in creating high-quality and cost-effective elements for our clients. We believe in sustainable and ethical business practices. We believe that everyone should feel represented.

We plan to be here for a while. To do that, we must continually Do More. Be Better. For Every Body.


Digital Development

Fusion is always on the cutting edge of the visual design industry, combining creative expertise with a technology-forward approach.

Environmental Renderings

We bring ideas to life through the creation of photorealistic 3D renderings, animation, & interactive presentations.

3D Print-as-Product

• High-quality prototypes
• Mini, life-size, or oversized mannequins
• Real-life replicas
• Props & decor
• Larger-than-life elements

Concepting & Ideation

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to roll out a whole new inclusive sizing mannequin to 500 new stores. Maybe you want to turn a 5 inch shoe into a 5 foot shoe. Or maybe you have an idea that’s so far out, that you have no idea where to begin. Whatever it is, it’s nothing we can’t help you figure out.


Our team is is full of creative interpreters, conceptual thinkers and opportunistic visionaries with a wide-array of industry experience. We are creative problem-solvers, thinking outside the box to provide innovative solutions to your most complex challenges. Whether it’s through sculpting, 3D design, or sketches on a napkin, we will work with you throughout the entire process to make sure the concept exceeds all expectations. 


Our creative & development team can bring your dream to life through a multitude of capabilities: 3D print, rotomolding, and custom fabrication just to name a few. Through global resourcing, we offer the highest quality and most diverse materials- all at the best costs! We also provide global logistic services to deliver the final product right to you. Our goal is to make your experience seamless. 

Global Sourcing

Our stance is “Local First. Global Second”. We believe in supporting our local community to find solutions, but understand that sometimes we must broaden the search to established global partners. All of our partners are thoroughly vetted and have signed Fusion’s Supplier Code of Conduct focusing on safe working conditions, employee respect, and environmental friendly processes. We find what you need and we do it responsibly. 

Global Logistics

Our team of logistic experts can work with you in a multitude of ways to deliver your product wherever you need it.

Pilot Freight Services partners with our team to provide a convenient, opt-in transportation service for all of our products. Pilot provides an excellent service that comes from years of experience in global retail logistic. Should you choose to utilize our expertise/resources, we work with their team to handle all logistics taking it off your hands.


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