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Just over 50 years ago, the self-service concept revolutionised a whole industry. At the time, the forthcoming change was met with a lot of scepticism and even more questions. The situation is similar today. Will the increasing online trading really lead to a polarisation of the retail sector? With discounters at one end and experiential shopping with a 'pampering' effect at the other end? Or will the so-called "loss of the middle" not take place, as this 'middle' has already found a response to the challenges which now needs to be implemented?

Emotionalization and digitalisation at the PoS, omnichannel strategies or the display of product ranges in "theme worlds that are logical for the customer" have long been more than just slogans describing the future.


Whatever path you take: Geck is the right partner for the redesign, conversion or expansion of your PoS. Extreme proximity to the market and customers, many years of experience and an unwavering innovative spirit have made Geck become more than just a supplier of display fittings: Geck produces solutions.


Innovative seduction

Geck offers a wide range of capabilities all around the point of sale, comprising all things plastic. A carefree package for emotional presentation displays, effective sales displays, and functional plastic products. This is where the “Hidden Champions” come into their own, the smooth seducers of seamless shopping sensations.

Individuality in serial production

Industrial high-tech capabilities for metal and plastics processing as well as long-term expertise in the production of fixtures and fittings, shopping trolleys, pricing and retail displays mark the cornerstones in the world of Geck.

Adding powerful solutions to products

While controllers strive to take the helm in many manufacturing companies, we at Geck leave the power in the hands of the advisors and creators, the technology-savvy and the quality champions. Let’s take a look at the working mode of a solution factory.

High-tech and Heavy Metal

Metal coils weighing many tons, and complex software algorithms. Production-integrated electroplating machines, and delicate tools. Innovative engineers, and a strong hands-on attitude. PoS expert Geck pulls together a wide range of skills and competencies – surprising in their contrast, convincing in their results. Take a closer look, and you will find: this interplay works great.


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