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We back our commitment with a 90,000 square foot innovation, quality, design and service center in Charlotte, NC. Our quality control facilities in Charlotte and China, use custom designed testing equipment to simulate actual, daily in-store use of our products.

The cornerstone of what InVue delivers to customers is a revolutionary single OneKEY solution which activates and deactivates alarming devices, transfers power to unlock a wide range of security products and can capture data allowing retailers to record and analyze all associate and customer interactions with merchandise.


Since 1972 InVue has built its leadership position developing innovative products for the video production business, retail music chains, the home office segment, products that secure high theft sell-thru merchandise and most recently retail security protecting mobile electronics devices that are on display in over 90 countries.

This unique track record has been accomplished by hiring great people, aggressively investing profits back into the business and having the courage to disrupt our business even when things were going well.



OneKEY is the most secure and convenient key system that enables associates to assist customers quickly and easily. Each interaction from OneKEY instantly transfers to Access Manager, where you can assign access zones, deauthorize keys, as well as understand who interacted with what, and when. Operating on InVue LIVE’s LoRa network, OneKEY allows you to monitor and manage all key interactions real time.

Access Manager

Access Manager software provides visibility into associates’ interactions with locked, displayed and sell-through merchandise protected by OneKEY. The cloud-based system logs OneKEY interactions, making it easy to view individual associate activity anytime and from anywhere. Through permissions and real-time usage statistics, Access Manager gives retailers the confidence to give every associate a key and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience.

InVue LIVE Network

InVue LIVE is a connected platform of products that help retailers track, monitor and manage store operations in real time. With a suite of hardware and software solutions across Merchandising, Access Control, Security and Operations, LIVE is the single source for retailers to gain in-store visibility across their estate.

Data Center Security

RAC Lock delivers industry-leading physical security and access control technology for tamper and breach detection.

TV Manager

The dreaded process of finding the right remote and turning everything on and off — everyday — is a drain on employee time.

TV Manager is a single system that automates management of all displays across your stores, delivers real-time status alerts, and reports on planogram compliance.

On-Shelf Availability Sensor

Empty shelves = missed sales opportunities.

And customers won’t hesitate to find what they need from a competitor, meanwhile lowering confidence in your brand.  Easily snap onto hanging hook rods or quickly mount to pegboard back walls or shelves.


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