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We design, develop, test and engineer completely independently of any manufacturing bias, always focused on delivering the optimal commercial solution.

Our technical specification packs are deeply detailed, client-owned and designed for universal manufacture. In a world which is experiencing unprecedented regional lockdowns, the agility to switch seamlessly from one manufacturing source to another has never been more crucial.


We rollout programmes on a global scale, collaborating with our clients’ preferred suppliers augmented by our own worldwide network.

Our clients benefit from complete control, from design through procurement to implementation. We are here to support to whatever level is needed at all stages.



One positive side effect of extraordinary global lockdowns has been seeing that our environment begins to heal much faster than we imagined it could. This doesn’t need to be left to future generations, we can make immediate differences.

Sustainability has always been integrated into our design approach and now tops the agenda for responsible brands and retailers.

Since 2003 we’ve developed what has become Quantum Zero, our unique method for quantifying and driving improvement in the sustainability of retail fixtures and environments, powered by the industry recognised BRE Group global database.

Creative & Concepts

We’ve all admired a young child’s imaginative drawing of a space rocket, but will it ever make it to the moon?

It’s easier to be free and creative when not constrained by real world factors of budget, lead-time, durability and sustainability. But at some stage all concepts must undergo these commercial considerations to become reality.

Our Creatives are a very different breed to our Technical Developers and Engineers, so we deliberately sit them alongside each other and encourage they push one another’s boundaries.

Development & Engineering

Continuing from our own creative work or by collaborating with your design team, our Technical Designers develop concepts through to reality.

We sensitively balance the real world commercial aspects of budget, lead-time, durability and sustainability, while remaining true to the creative intent.

We’re not tied to any manufacturer so our design approach is always independent, objective and entirely focused on the best solution to the brief, never compromised by the limitations of a factory.

Prototype & Trial

Prototyping is an essential stage within the development sequence. Learnings are applied to final engineering before releasing technical specification packs for general manufacture. For this reason we always strongly recommend managing prototyping and testing ourselves.

As well as refining technical design details, prototyping allows testing of a wide variety of aspects important to different stakeholders, from weight loading to shopability.

Prototyping takes many forms, from blank white mock-ups for studying overall volume and proportions, through to fully operational first-off’s of complete fixtures and entire spaces.

Tender Support

With our detailed technical specification packs you own a level of detail which gives full control of the tendering process, ensuring that all potential suppliers are competing on an identical criteria.

We will provide ongoing support to whatever level is needed. It might be helping to brief potential suppliers, answering their questions and reviewing alternative suggestions, or auditing resources and facilities, and evaluating responses to help you select the best overall value offer.

Production & Sourcing

Our detailed technical specification packs are uniquely designed to enable consistent manufacture by a broad range of suppliers around the world, allowing the best global, regional and local supply chain model to be tailored for each project.

For example, manufacture of the same finished item can be replicated at multiple local suppliers. Alternatively, individual components can be sourced from global specialists and finally assembled in-region for local implementation.

Rollout & Implementation

Designing and manufacturing great display fixtures is one thing. Activating complex retail programmes across diverse worldwide markets, channels and cultures is another.

Quantum International is designed to connect your various global stakeholders with our team through technology-driven processes, customised to meet the unique needs of each project.

Through our own custom digital programme management portals we provide secure online access to all aspects of rollout: from specification packs and installation manuals, to fixture orders and inventory management, to delivery tracking, installation and maintenance status.


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