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Our mission is to redefine the customer service standard in the construction industry.

Schimenti Construction, founded in 1997 by Matthew Schimenti, represents the third generation of a family that can trace its roots in the construction industry to the 1960s.

Matthew’s father, Donald, had apprenticed with his own father, Michael, in the 1960’s prior to founding AMD Construction in 1971. Michael Schimenti was an architect who designed and built large scale projects, office towers, schools and apartment complexes with his partner, Max Wechsler.


With exceptional family history in the construction industry, Matt used his extensive knowledge and experience to create a construction company focused on quality. His passion for excellence, communication and timeliness has resulted in a company that provides the highest quality of service to the retail and construction industries.


Before Anything… Safety

The safety and well-being of our employees, subcontractors, clients and the general public, is the most critical component of our business. Our safety goal is to have zero injuries and zero time loss due to accidents. To achieve this we’ve implemented numerous programs and standards including


An Industry-Leading Approach. Schimenti is committed to developing solutions for our clients. We view every build through the lens of our client’s vision and objectives, managing every aspect of the building process to create value. We excel in customizing to the needs of a project and clearly communicating with the project team every step of the way.

We take a relationship-driven approach to every build, recognizing the unique factors that shape a project and directly impact the success of our client’s business. We understand and appreciate the complexity of the construction process and leverage our expertise to provide the highest level of service excellence. From kick-off to completion, Schimenti ensures the overall planning, coordination, and execution of a project results in a build that exceeds value and expectations.



Staying One Step Ahead. From concept design through to construction documents, our expert preconstruction team collaborates with project partners to identify and mitigate risks to ensure alignment of design, budget, and schedule. We go beyond the typical scheduling and estimating services to provide innovative solutions that align with our client’s business objectives and design vision.


Building from Start to Finish. From inception to completion, our construction management group makes sure the overall planning, coordination, and control will result in a project that meets its budget, deadline, and quality standards. We provide pre-planning, design, construction, engineering, and management guidance that delivers the best possible results.


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