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Established in 1983, Unique has become one of North America’s leading millwork services companies specializing in store displays and retailing environments.

Working with the most respected architects and designers, Unique’s award-winning creativity, quality craftsmanship and customized products are a hallmark of some of the leading brands in the world’s most desired retailing destinations.


Using only the finest in materials, Unique creates and shapes metals to enhance any in-store display and our skilled artisans craft attractive glass for dynamic store lighting and display cases. High quality craftsmanship and attention to detail create wood to add depth and texture to any retail destination.


Design and Prototyping

We are proud of our reputation in the retailing industry for our considerable design expertise, which displays and showcases clients’ full product lines in the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing manner as possible. We conduct extensive prototyping to explore ideas and show the intensions of our products and design concepts to clients before time is spent on final development. This early scaled down version of the product through prototyping brings our ideas to life so that we may refine to meet our client’s exacting expectations.

Custom Fabrication

Unique creates custom fabrication of store elements to deliver a forward-thinking and unique retail environment that enhances the experience specific to the customers you know best. Whether its store furniture, custom shelving, retail signage, curved glass displays or sensitive high security displays, our in-house artisans ensure our products achieve your vision for the design, look and feel of your store. With custom millwork, glass bending, metal fabrication and finishing, acrylic lamination, stylish stonework or LED retail lighting design, our products are always customized to meet your individual requirements.

Installation & Service

Consistency is a hallmark of any professional dealings with Unique. For example, the same team that manufacturers custom retail displays and store fixtures is the same team who will also install them on-site at your retail location as they are intimately familiar with all aspects of the product. We maintain this consistency throughout our professional relationships and pride ourselves in our continuous after-sales service. We do not disappear and maintain our customer conversations to ensure complete and continuous satisfaction with every project.


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