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Our UK factory, design/development department and warehousing/distribution centre is based in West London. We have distribution hubs on both the East and West Coast of the USA. We also have a joint venture modern factory facility and offices in Zhangzhou, China as well a buying office in Taipei, Taiwan.

We have been manufacturing in the Far East since the 1980’s and have a wealth of experience in the field.


The London based design and development department handles all development of our own ranges and all custom work for our clients. Using in-house sculptors, mould makers and technicians, we produce all our own master mannequins and moulds, which are used for production in China in our China facility. All of our mannequin development is handled in London, and we can boast that we are one of the only mannequin manufacturers in the world that offers a full custom service to our clients using our own in-house team.


Conceptual design

From your brief we are able to work with you to design a range of mannequins that suits your brand’s individual needs. The initial concepts are often taken from existing mannequins which can be altered, or from sketches and tear sheets which can be emulated in the sculpting process.


Once the concept has been agreed, we will either amend product that we currently have, or create new product to suit your individual needs. The process starts with the sculpting of a new mannequin or parts in clay and then goes to the plaster moulding and master stage. Approval of the mannequin is made at the clay stage although alterations can be made at a later stage. Once approved, we create production moulds to allow the piece to be manufactured.


We are in a unique position to fulfill all your requirements with expedience, efficiency and economy. All the design requirements you have and may require going forward are easily achieved and we do this in house, using a team of experts that have been through this process countless numbers of times before. We have a manufacturing facility, which is second to none in China, thereby providing cost reductions and increased speed of manufacture whilst still producing the quality of product required.

After sales service

We pride ourselves on being able to consistently meet our clients’ diverse needs, and on our reputation as a dependable, high quality brand and continually growing business. 


Our distribution network is strong and efficient and our support team is experienced and highly competent. 


contact us

Universal Display Fittings Co. Ltd
Unit 130-132 Network Hub
300 Kensal Road
London W10 5BE
United Kingdom

Universal Display & Design Inc
368 9th Avenue
New York 10001


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News & events

Take a look at some of the exciting News and Events Relating to this particular member.