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To fully understand your brand, your customers need to experience it. They need to see it, touch it, breathe it—and live it.

At West Coast Fixtures, we help coffee houses, retail stores, grocery chains, restaurants, virtually any commercial outlet, create environments that express their unique brand. We’ll work with you and your team to design customized display cases and store fixtures that reflect your brand’s identity, remain consistent across all locations, and prime you for additional rollouts. Plus, we’ll meet your budget and deadlines.


The result? You’ll open new locations more quickly, be positioned for future growth, and provide your customers with a branded experience that inspires.


Design Capabilities

Our design team will work with yours to create unique fixture designs, choosing materials and finishes that accurately reflect your brand. Your fixtures will be highly functional, durable, easy to maintain, consistent in “look and feel,” and adaptable for installation at each of your locations. Unlike companies that provide one-off solutions or off-the-shelf products, we consider your long-term growth by designing scalable systems that simplify future rollouts.

Manufacturing Process

West Coast Fixtures manufacturers its retail displays and fixtures locally, in America! Our dedicated and experienced production team takes pride in making products that adhere to your brand vision and our exacting standards.


High-quality fixtures require high-quality materials! To bring you the broadest offering of materials, finishes, and capabilities, we partner with a network of qualified vendors. As a result, you can build your store fixture system with a wide range of attractive, durable materials that are as easily maintained as they are installed.

Our Facilities

Made in America! Our work is performed in our own 28,000 SF facility in Benicia, California (located between Sacramento and San Francisco.)

Our facility is designed with equipment, capabilities, and configuration to increase production capacity, achieve consistency and quality, reduce time to market, and mitigate the risk of production or transit delays. Our facility uses fully automated, CNC-controlled machining, dowelling, and edge-banding equipment; and is outfitted with dedicated areas for assembly, finishing, and staging.


When it comes to shipping fixtures, nothing is more important than your deadlines. Whether you’re opening a new store, remodeling an existing store, or adding new fixtures throughout your chain, our logistics team will work with you to ensure on-time delivery.


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